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Social Media Works for Businesses

We can create a presence for your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other social media venues. Today's Internet marketing requires two way communication between businesses and their customers. And that two way conversation is done by businesses through social media.

Social media and business can work together to provide valuable information to customers and to get feedback from customers and potential clients.

It is a new day for business communication. The impacts are being felt in many areas. Marketing, customer satisfaction, product development, hiring, and many other aspects of business are benefiting from the revolution. Social media allows businesses to hear from their customers.

It's a new era for marketing. Businesses in this day and age know exactly what their customers want. Why? Because they ask them. They do it through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other forms of social media. Social media also provides businesses the tools to target customers who want their products. There is little need to promote a good or service to someone who has no need for it.

"In the near future we will no longer search for products and services, they will find us via social media."

- Social Media Revolution Video

Can your potential customers find you via social media?

Customers satisfaction is growing. Customer satisfaction is improving because businesses are able to find dissatisfied customers and ask them "What's wrong?". Tools are available that allow businesses to monitor their name or products in social media interaction. And a good customer service department targets these unhappy clients and turn them into satisfied customers.

Product development is faster and better. The birth of the Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) has improved the ability of a group of people to achieve a common goal. Better interaction among more people is helping create better goods and services in shorter period of time.

Jobs are finding people. As skilled and talented people become harder to fine. Social media will be essential in locating them. Businesses are finding the people they want and they will find them quickly.

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Use Social Media For Business

Do You Need A Website?

A good website will tie into your social media, even for a small website. A good small business website design will provide links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sources.


Facebook allows you to create an ad to place on their pages. As people are using Facebook, these ads are visible.

On 10/26/2009 I saw and ad on Facebook by Flip Video. I went to their Fan page and saw a lot of positive comments. They had 43,516 fans.

Click here to take a look and see how many fans they have now. And get a look at the input they get from their fans.

You Tube

You Tube is an easy place to post and promote your videos. Many businesses post videos because they are a wonderful communication tool and they don't cost a lot to create.

You Tube is the third most used search engine next to Google and Yahoo. People are looking for things they want on You Tube.

Go to our Business and YouTube blog to see how Blendtec Blenders uses YouTube.


Twitter is a way to post short messages on the internet.

This can be used by businesses to communicate with employees or customers.

Visit Search Twitter and put in a topic that interests you and see how people promote it on Twitter.

Other social media

There are many more sites devoted to social media. Some are used as communication tools only available to members. Others are tools devoted to specific businesses.

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